We started out with a vision to accompany people along their learning journeys as they explore Salesforce. We chose to create an all-year-long cyclical user journey. People personalized everything from product recommendation settings to an AI guide who helped with product info, event agenda building, and live product experience.
Our user journey reflected the research and testing data, allowing us to design a framework used for six persona types.
The end result created a hyper-personalized learning journey through Dreamforce National Park in the real world, as well as in the virtual world throughout the year. People receive product-relevant content, product upsell messages, and personalized service from reps.
In addition to the Trailblazers Journey, I also led the entire Dreamforce Campground experiential design, which included the introduction of the Salesforce 360º experience, 11 product experience installations, 4 customer vertical experiences, 2 customer showcase experiences, 2 welcome experiences, and a whole lot of awesome.
I also led the ideation, UX design, and execution of the Philanthropy Cloud experience, which allowed people to choose which philanthropic partner their companies should donate to the following year.
The Unilever customer showcase included an interactive experience that put people into the driver’s seat of getting a product to market.
As I mentioned above, when you embrace technology as a force for good — a conference becomes a blueprint for a new American dream. Pretty cool, huh?

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